Quentin Brown, Ryan Cole and Matt Nicholson oversee the entire Primetime Baseball organization and will guide coaches in developing their practice plans throughout the season as well as help assist at practices throughout the season. This ensures that we are uniform from top to bottom in our organization with how we teach the game, how practices are run and it keeps the Primetime philosophy instilled in each team.  Many of our coaches are non-parent coaches who do not have a child on the team.  Our professional staff spends time with every team throughout the season making sure that every player is receiving high level instruction all season long.

IMG_0106-Ryan Cole.jpg

Ryan Cole
President, Director of Primetime Baseball

IMG_0022-Quentin Brown.jpg

Quentin Brown
Director of Primetime Baseball and Recruiting Coordinator

IMG_0083-Matt Nicholson2.jpg

Matt Nicholson
Director of Primetime Youth Baseball